Spent 30 dollars on food for 2 people to last 2 weeks! 6/5/2016

I shop mainly at my local Food4Less, which is owned by Kroger, so I get a lot of deals. I get in-store coupons, paper coupons, store sales, as well as discounts because foods are close to expiring. Since I am living paycheck to paycheck I cannot spend a lot of money on anything, food itself is a privilege. So if I can spend as little as I possibly can on a hella ton of food, I will.

I will take advantage of every offer I can get a hold on.

What I bought since 6/1/16:

  • 1 Gallon of Milk – 2$
  • Powerade X 2 – 95 cents, BOGO
  • Yogurt X 2 – 80 cents
  • Bell Peppers X 3 – 99 cents, slightly damaged
  • Sausage Patties X 8 – 4$, used to be 3.50 a box, but were close to expiration, so 50 cents each.
  • Good Thins X 2 – FREE, Free Friday sale, each box a 3.50 value
  • Bagels X 2 – 3$
  • Bananas ~9 of them – 2$
  • Mango – 50 cents
  • Almond Milk – 2.50$
  • Box of Pasta – 45 Cents, had a 55 cents off coupon
  • Mustard – 1$
  • Big Bag of Cereal – 3$
  • 12 pack Smoked Sausages – 4$, would be 5$, but had couponfor 1$ off
  • Pasta Sauce – 1$
  • Buns X 2 – 80 Cents discounted due to damage, 40 cents each instead of 80 cents.

Total: 29$. Retail price (sales not included): 64.30$

That’s a 35.30$ savings, over 50% off my grocery bill!

I mainly try to get store sales and discounts, but I definitely use a few coupons. I just started the whole couponing process, and don’t plan on being extreme, but getting a good discount is never a bad thing.

Now I am planning on getting some Ink Pens from Dollar Tree for free, as well as some more free stuff from Food4Less on Friday.


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