Fair Amount Of Stuff For Only 2.25!


The price breakdown is like so:

  • Yogurt – 10 for 4, or .40 cents each. 25 cent rebate on Checkout 51, makes this only 15 cents!
  • I also got 2 bottles of Pure Leaf Sweet Tea, both for free with the 2 Rewards cards. It was also on sale, I think the retail price was 1.79 for one, so that’s about 3.60 for absolutely FREE!
  • Off Brand Pasta Sauce – .89 cents.
  • Cream Cheese – On sale 4 for 5, or 1.25 each, so I saved .25 cents!

Final Price: 2.29 for everything! A 6.37$ value for only 2.29! A 64% discount!

I know it is not a big haul, but it’s a lot of stuff for only a little over 2 dollars.

Also, while shopping, I was walking around the store and ran into these little babies:

65 cent coupon

The pasta is 1.39 a box, while the coupons save you 65 cents a box. That makes each box only 74 cents a box! You cannot double these coupons, so unless the item goes on sale in the next month, 74 cents is the lowest you’ll pay for them.

I always check to see if there are any blinkers when I am walking through an isle. And don’t worry, I don’t steal all the coupons. I only took 3 from the machine, this pasta won’t even be for me, it will be given to my former roommate. I don’t like wheat pasta.

I have a little over 2 dollars left over in my bank account, which is for me to walk to Dollar Tree on Sunday to get my 2 weekly Sunday Newspapers.

As for gaining money by shopping, I use Checkout 51 and Ibotta for item rebates when I shop. Receipt Hog earns me a small amount of money for every receipt I take a picture of, it’s not alot, but it is something. I am also a member of the National Consumer Panel, which also doesn’t pay much, but as long as I input my receipt information, it’s something.

Lately I have been REALLY stretched for cash, so I have not been able to do many of these rebates when I could have easily been making money by shopping for that item, but in the past 2 weeks I have still been able to earn 2.50 altogether in rebates. So click the links above if you want to sign up!


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