HUGE Grocery haul for 37 bucks!

Sorry for the slightly blurry pictures, I swear I did not think they looked that way when I took them:

20160616_07175520160616_071746This huge haul only cost me 36.60, not including the 3.00 cashback I got to do laundry. I do basically ALL of my shopping at my local Food4Less, mainly because they often have awesome deals, and discounts, to go well with my coupons.

This time I used several Paper Coupons, which I am glad that I bought now because I was questioning whether or not I was just wasting money.

With a haul this big, plus the food I already have at hand, I might not need to go shopping at all for the next month, aside from maybe milk and almond milk, saving me a little bit of money on food.

In this haul I got:

  • 5 containers of Kroger yogurt – 2.00
  • 4 Tostino Party Pizza’s 4.00, would be 5.00 but I had a 1.00 of 4 Coupon.
  • Cilantro – 50 cents
  • Lipton Tea Family Size 24 pack x 2 – 1.99, I got it BOGO. Saved 60 cents over the Psst Brand.
  • Almond Milk – 2.59
  • Half Gallon Milk – 1.59
  • Invisible Tape – 1.00
  • Kroger eggs 18 count – FREE cause I did the General Mills store deal!
  • Dish Soap – 1.00
  • Tyson Thighs @ 4.9 pounds – 3.77 (Was on sale for .77 cents a pound)
  • Tyson Drumsticks @ 3.4 pounds – 2.63 (Was on sale for .77 cents a pound)
  • 5 lb bag of Potatoes – 1.29, store sale.
  • 5 General Mills cereal @ 4 for 8, so 10$… plus 2 coupons for 1$ off, so 5 boxes for 8$.
  • Mac and Cheese x 2 – 80 cents.
  • Kroger Canola Oil – 2.29
  • Pasta Sauce – 90 cents
  • Lentils – 1.37 for a pound.
  • Psst Buns – .80 cents.

In paper coupons I saved 5.00. Plus another 2.00 with the free eggs. I also got many items on sale, such as the Tyson chicken, which is usually about 2.20 a pound, now it is .77 cents a pound. which is about an 11.50 cent savings. I saved 50 cents on the Potatoes as well, giving me a total of about 23 dollars in savings, which is about 40%!

After the fact I bought a 12 pack of Toilet Paper for 5.00, it was 6.00 but I had a coupon for 1.00 off, making it cheaper than the store brand. I also got two 25 cent rebates for certain items, making everything 50 more cents off.


As a result of my purchases, I also got these three Catalinas. One is a oil change for my non-existent car, one fits perfectly inside this 4 for 8 thing, with an extra 2 dollars off 5 boxes of General Mills cereal.

The other one is to save 1.25 off two family-size boxes of Lipton tea. I probably won’t use either coupon, but I am glad to know they exist. I am making some deviled eggs right now, so I am off to eat them!


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