19.41$ Food Snack Haul!

So the main reason I was going to Food4Less was to get some of their Megaevent items, and saved a fair amount from those. Here is a picture of my haul!

food haul


What I got included:

  • Kroger Chicken Stuffing – .49 cents. Discounted due to the box being damaged
  • Corn x2 – 1.00
  • Mixed Veggie x2 – 1.00
  • Almond Milk – 1.99, that’s lowered from 2.59
  • MinuteMaid x4 – 4.00, that’s 2$ off cause of MegaEvent
  • Koolaid Drink Mix x2 – 2.00. It was originally 3.00 a pack, but it was on sale for 1.50, PLUS the Megaevent, saving me 4.00
  • Peanut Butter 16oz – .99 cents, down from 1.69, a 70 cent savings.
  • Jelly 2lb – 1.99
  • Bushes Northern Beans – .99 cents
  • Kroger Yogurt x2 – .80 cents
  • Poptarts 12 pack – 1.99
  • 6 pack popcorn – 1.99

That’s 19.41$ altogether including tax. By savings alone, not including switching to generic, I saved 7.80 cents on this trip. That’s a 29% savings for the whole trip! And to make things better, the other day I went to the store and got this!

25 cents

2 Loaves of White Bread for a total of 25 cents, and I froze the fuck outta it! I will have peanut butter toast for days! Which is about all I can eat on white bread, because wheat bread is SO much better.

I am going to take a lot of the vegetables that I have in the freezer and use it with the canned vegetables I have to make several servings of black bean soup with corn and veggies. Kinda like a stew, or a gumbo.

I get a fair amount of black beans, romaine lettuce, jalapenos, onions, and rice for free from my work, so that definitely helps a lot to be able to make them into something good. I often use the rice and Jalapenos to mix with chicken or smoked sausages for my husband, and he LOVES it! So I am able to make a quick one-pot dinner for him in that way. I often try to add a vegetable as well, so technically 2 pots.


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