21 Dollar Grocery Haul! Skinless Boneless Chicken Breasts!

This was a pretty good haul for just 21 dollars, here is a picture:

food haul

This picture is actually missing out the 2 12oz bags of frozen brussel sprouts, but I have not slept yet so you’ll have to excuse me for not repositioning everything after I found out. it’s 10AM right now.

Now I went to Dollar Tree to get my weekly coupon inserts, and continued to go shopping. I made a mistake and did not bring my cart with me, so I had to carry too many pounds of groceries home in my backpack. But what I got was:

  • Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast 4 pounds at 1.99 a pound, plus a 1.00 off coupon! only spent 6.38.
  • Almond Milk, originally 2.59, on sale of 2.29, coupon for 50 cents off! Got it for 1.79.
  • Wheat bread – 89 cents
  • Huge box of Saltines – 89 cents
  • Dish soap – 99 cents
  • 2 pounds of dry Pinto Beans – 1.69, retails for 1.99
  • Frozen Brussel Sprouts, retail at 1.29, on sale for 1.00, 20 cent off coupon, got 2 for 80 cents each!
  • Big bag of cereal – 3.00
  • ~2 pounds of discounted bananas – 51 cents, 10 cents cheaper than retail per pound
  • half gallon of milk – 1.59
  • 5 pound bag of Idaho Potatoes, retails for 1.79, on sale for 1.29
  • Can of Mixed Vegetables – 49 cents

Altogether I saved 1.90 with just coupons alone! 21.17 was my total. That’s 15% off my groceries just through these sales and coupons! Not too much off today because I needed these items, but bought a lot of stuff for just 21 dollars anyways.

This will hopefully last us a little over 2 weeks combined with the stuff I already own.


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