Cheap Breakfast Southern Gravy Recipe!

Southern Gravy

Ok, so I don’t make this often, but when I do, it tastes wonderful! I make a pretty big batch because I buy a gallon of milk, but we don’t drink that much milk, and I drink exclusively almond milk, so this is a good way to make sure we use the whole gallon! Also, a half gallon at my store is like, 1.69, while a full gallon is about 2.19, so why would I NOT buy the whole gallon?

So here are the ingrediants you will need for this recipe:

Flour – about 2.50 for a bag, but you won’t even use a tenth of a bag, so about 20 cents worth of flour.

Bread – I use Wheat, which I can get for a dollar a loaf, sometimes at 50 cents a loaf. So that’s about 5 cents at most per slice, 2.5 cents at least. You are probably going to eat 2 slices per serving.

Milk – since a gallon is 2.19, you will be using about a third of a gallon, so about 73 cents.

Seasoning – Just pinches of pepper, salt, and really any other seasoning you want, but it doesn’t require anything else.

Sausage (Optional) – This biscuit gravy actually tastes great with breakfast sausage, which can be bought for about 3.00 a roll, and you will be using about half. Or 1.50 worth.

Now what you want to do is add the milk to a sautee pan, add in the spices, and bring it to a boil. while stirring it frequently add in a small amount of flour, for which just a few tablespoons should suffice. then turn the heat down to medium-low and let it simmer and sit for a few minutes, stirring occasionally.

After that, if you are using breakfast sausage, add that in. If not, just place the pan to the side to cool an thicken. While that is happening, make the toast.

Plac the toast on a plate, and then cover it in the gravy. This pan should be able to make about 3-4 servings, making it a wonderful breakfast food for about 63 cents to a dollar per serving with sausage, or 32-42 cents without sausage!

As someone who lived down south, this is a wonderful breakfast recipe. My fiance, who is northern, thinks I am weird for liking this, but hey, whatevs.

Try it out for yourself and tell me what you think!