Saving Money By: Leaving Your Card

Saving Money By: Leaving Your Card

Probably the most effective way of saving money when out and about, is to simply not have any on you. It is very easy to avoid temptation of swiping a card or handing some bills when doing so requires you to go all the way back home for you to do it! I mainly do this only when I am in deep financially.

Not only does those small bags of potato chips or that 1$ hamburger at the Mcdonald’s drive-thru add up over time, but you are also prevented from making impulse buys. I don’t make any when I am without my card, which saves me all that money. I am able to counterbalance hunger though, as I always have some kind of snack in my bag for whenever I am feeling those hunger pangs.

Another way to circumvent this is to keep a fair amount of money in an cardless account. I use Betterment to invest my money, and it works exactly like a savings account. In fact, better than a savings account, as it increases the amount of money you have over time! Betterment takes 5 days to withdraw funds,  Since I cannot just transfer funds when I desire a burger, it helps me to simply take out money when I really need it!

Having my hours cut recently and calculating my expenses, although not entirely bad, showed me that I was going to have to restart my No Card policy. What works even better, if if you are going shopping, to bring just what you need, maybe a dollar or two more. This way you only get what you went out to get, and not everything else in the store. I have a set budget of groceries and essentials of 150 a month for 3 people, I am going to strive to stick to that.