Fair Amount Of Stuff For Only 2.25!


The price breakdown is like so:

  • Yogurt – 10 for 4, or .40 cents each. 25 cent rebate on Checkout 51, makes this only 15 cents!
  • I also got 2 bottles of Pure Leaf Sweet Tea, both for free with the 2 Rewards cards. It was also on sale, I think the retail price was 1.79 for one, so that’s about 3.60 for absolutely FREE!
  • Off Brand Pasta Sauce – .89 cents.
  • Cream Cheese – On sale 4 for 5, or 1.25 each, so I saved .25 cents!

Final Price: 2.29 for everything! A 6.37$ value for only 2.29! A 64% discount!

I know it is not a big haul, but it’s a lot of stuff for only a little over 2 dollars.

Also, while shopping, I was walking around the store and ran into these little babies:

65 cent coupon

The pasta is 1.39 a box, while the coupons save you 65 cents a box. That makes each box only 74 cents a box! You cannot double these coupons, so unless the item goes on sale in the next month, 74 cents is the lowest you’ll pay for them.

I always check to see if there are any blinkers when I am walking through an isle. And don’t worry, I don’t steal all the coupons. I only took 3 from the machine, this pasta won’t even be for me, it will be given to my former roommate. I don’t like wheat pasta.

I have a little over 2 dollars left over in my bank account, which is for me to walk to Dollar Tree on Sunday to get my 2 weekly Sunday Newspapers.

As for gaining money by shopping, I use Checkout 51 and Ibotta for item rebates when I shop. Receipt Hog earns me a small amount of money for every receipt I take a picture of, it’s not alot, but it is something. I am also a member of the National Consumer Panel, which also doesn’t pay much, but as long as I input my receipt information, it’s something.

Lately I have been REALLY stretched for cash, so I have not been able to do many of these rebates when I could have easily been making money by shopping for that item, but in the past 2 weeks I have still been able to earn 2.50 altogether in rebates. So click the links above if you want to sign up!


Going Shopping Later For Free Stuff!

Kroger is having a Free Friday deal on Pure Leaf tea! Since I have 2 rewards cards, I will be using both coupons to get 2 free bottles of this today!

Free Friday

After that, I got a rebate for 25 cent earned for a 40 cent pack of Yogurt, plus a coupon for 75 cents off two cans of Dole fruit, PLUS another 75 cent rebate. Depending on the price of the fruit I may or may not get it, as I only have 3 dollars to last me until Thursday.

I might instead simply buy a sack of Russet Potatoes, or a bag of lentils. My food supply at home is doing fairly OK, but I am running out of protein laden foods, and as a vegetarian, that is not a good thing.

I will think about what I am going to get when I get to the store. I am doing fairly well on Pasta, but almost everything else is dwindling. This is why I am glad that I work losing shift at a restaurant, as I am able to bring home food waste that me and my fiance can enjoy with a bit of cooking skill.

The main issue that I have is that I have severe Acid Reflux, so I cannot eat almost any food at all, so I have to do shopping for him, as well as shopping for me almost exclusively. In fact, the fact that I have Acid Reflux is one of the main reasons that I am vegetarian in the first place.

I am making him some Chicken Fried Rice for my fiance tomorrow, saving money on onions, Jalapenos, rice, and Soy sauce I either got from work, or from delivery from a bit ago. The eggs I had expire today, so I am going to have to get more of them soon as well. So this heap of Fried Rice probably cost me about 80 cents to make.

One thing that you will realize when you are poor is that you start thinking about food is Cost Per Meal. It’s the difference between a Name Brand 1.50 boxed meal, and 75 cents for a decent sized bowl of spaghetti. Many people cannot understand this, but if you buy a dozen of eggs for 2 dollars, each individual egg would have costs you 17 cents. You cannot buy the eggs individually, but if you break it down, 1 egg from a 12 pack would be 17 cents.

The same with bread, if you buy a loaf of wheat for a dollar, you get around 20 slices of bread. That is about 5 cents per slice of bread. Detailing this out, you can calculate that a peanut butter and jelly sandwich can easily only cost you about 25 cents, depending on how much product you use and how much you bought the ingredients for.

That is why I save money by buying tea and sweetening it with Splenda, as opposed to drinking even store-brand soda. I spend 1.70 on a family pack of tea, which makes 5 2-liters of tea, or 34 cents for black tea. Plus Store Brand Apriva, a splenda generic, for 3 dollars for a 200 pack, or 1.5 cents per packet. I use 3 packs per cup, or 4.5 cents. and about 6 cups per 2-liter, so 26 cents plus 34 cents is 60 cents for a 2-liter as opposed to 85 cents for generic soda pop.

After this, I have a coupon so I can get a free set of gel pens at Dollar Tree, and I am definitely going to use those. I will post a picture of my 3 dollar haul when I get home.

Spent 30 dollars on food for 2 people to last 2 weeks! 6/5/2016

I shop mainly at my local Food4Less, which is owned by Kroger, so I get a lot of deals. I get in-store coupons, paper coupons, store sales, as well as discounts because foods are close to expiring. Since I am living paycheck to paycheck I cannot spend a lot of money on anything, food itself is a privilege. So if I can spend as little as I possibly can on a hella ton of food, I will.

I will take advantage of every offer I can get a hold on.

What I bought since 6/1/16:

  • 1 Gallon of Milk – 2$
  • Powerade X 2 – 95 cents, BOGO
  • Yogurt X 2 – 80 cents
  • Bell Peppers X 3 – 99 cents, slightly damaged
  • Sausage Patties X 8 – 4$, used to be 3.50 a box, but were close to expiration, so 50 cents each.
  • Good Thins X 2 – FREE, Free Friday sale, each box a 3.50 value
  • Bagels X 2 – 3$
  • Bananas ~9 of them – 2$
  • Mango – 50 cents
  • Almond Milk – 2.50$
  • Box of Pasta – 45 Cents, had a 55 cents off coupon
  • Mustard – 1$
  • Big Bag of Cereal – 3$
  • 12 pack Smoked Sausages – 4$, would be 5$, but had couponfor 1$ off
  • Pasta Sauce – 1$
  • Buns X 2 – 80 Cents discounted due to damage, 40 cents each instead of 80 cents.

Total: 29$. Retail price (sales not included): 64.30$

That’s a 35.30$ savings, over 50% off my grocery bill!

I mainly try to get store sales and discounts, but I definitely use a few coupons. I just started the whole couponing process, and don’t plan on being extreme, but getting a good discount is never a bad thing.

Now I am planning on getting some Ink Pens from Dollar Tree for free, as well as some more free stuff from Food4Less on Friday.